Alloy Metal ProductsMaatsura Mam72-63V - the larger part one op complex parts wizard
The MAM72-63 Five Axis Machining Center is the most accurate and reliable solution to robust five-axis machining of larger parts. This machine has a bridge type construction for light finishing cuts as well as heavy duty roughing in hardened materials. The 40 taper Matsuura Hi-Tech Spindle has 80mm spindle bearings, allowing for unparalleled cutting performance. As a stand alone unit, the Matsuura MAM72-63V provides a large work area and easy access to the part through two operator doors.

The MAM72-63V lets you machine an entire larger part with a single operation, which is why we call it the "large part one-op complex part wizard". With the MAM72-63V, there is no need for multiple setups on multiple machines. The MAM72-63V eliminates multiple setups, part transfers and part handling. It saves valuable resources as incomplete parts are never moved orstored around the floor. It eliminates the human errors associated with multiple setups. It eliminates the out–of–tolerance error accumulation of multiple setups. It eliminates multiple inspections.
Material goes in, finished parts come out. Period.

The MAM72-63V one-operation advantages:
Unibody design for larger parts - Even your largest parts can be fabricated in one piece, allowing for greatly improved strength, longevity and stability.
Large parts, high efficiency - With the MAM72-63V machine time is reduced. less material is wasted, and the human error is eliminated.
Works through the night to finish your part - Once MAM72-63V is set up it operates nearly continuously. Its shorter tooling minimizes tool failure and maximizes machine uptime and its high limit variable spindle speed and feed rate decrease cycle time.
Exactly to spec - With very few setups and changeovers for each part there are almost no opportunities for human error or loss of defined reference. Even the largest part can be machined with the highest possible control over formation of curved parts, greater accuracy with parallel and perpendicular dimensions over large surfaces and the ability to machine deep and/or narrow corners and cavities.
The utmost in reliability and repeatability - The "hands-off" approach to fully automated machining brings you identical parts with every production run - now and months or years from now.
Less waste = lower costs - With less movement of parts around the floor, less waste of materials, and "lights out" production, "one-op" machining save both energy and material.
At Alloy Metal Products our expertise with Multi-Task Machines sets us apart from the competition.

We operate and thrive in a marketplace where manufacture and delivery of complex parts must satisfy the bottom line and ensure quality and precision. As supplier relationships shift and business moves overseas in search of reduced labor costs, we dedicate ourselves to remaining competitive. Our years of experience with the world's best machining equipment give us the unmatched expertise that allows us to execute the trickiest machine tasks reliably, repeatably and cost-effectively.